Out of sight out of mind. Selective hearing. Seeing things eye to eye. Follow your nose. Sniff out a rat. Bending somone's ear. Bad taste in your mouth. In poor taste. A taste of your own medicine. Touch wood. Keep in touch. Touch base. Oh so many great idoms that show the depth and reach the sense have in our lives. 


  • Having trouble seeing eye to eye with someone? 
  • Struggling to keep in touch with people?
  • Are people always bending your ear about something?
  • Do your children have selective hearing?


The senses have a much deeper influence than simply allowing us to experience the world around us. They recieve the sensations coming in from the environment but they also allow us to perceive that stimulus based on our available knowledge, our experiences, and our thoughts. So how we experience the world is largely based on our past. And our past experiences often create strong beliefs about life.


When we are overwhelmed with sensation or we haven’t had time to process our experience of life, our senses can get sticky.



The same as when you cleanse any part of your body - like your colon. The difference is that with the senses, the debris we are removing is old stagnant thoughts, unprocessed emotions, and traumatic experiences that are clouding and distorting our reality. When we put some time into purging our senses, we are not longer allowing our PAST to create our current REALITY.



  • Imagine that every time you put yourself ‘out there’ the feedback from your senses didn’t have to go through the filter that tells you that you are not enough?
  • Or every time someone touches you, the sensation doesn't have to go through the filter of a traumatic experience you had in your early 20’s?
  • Or when interacting and communicating with your partner, the words don’t have to pass through you childhood experience of being blamed all the time.
  • Or every time you eat something delicious, your taste buds can indulge in the pleasure without having to pass through the belief that you are going to get fat. Maybe if you can be really present and allow yourself to indulge in every now and then, you will find you don’t crave that experience as much. In other words, by just experiencing the sweet sensations, without the thoughts of weight gain or health implications, you become satisfied and don’t need as many sweets. If you are always ruining the experience by attaching guilt and shame then you never really satisfy the desire for pleasure.


Clear any sticky senses with us as we explore and restore each of the 5 senses. 



  • iWonder 5 Senses Handbook - Great for practitioners to use with clients!
    • A detail description of the psychological or emotional expressions of each of the 5 senses.  
    • A variety of thought-provoking questions to help you explore the conscious and unconscious blocks, limitations, emotions, or experiences that are clouding the senses.
  • iWonder 5 Senses Digital Poster - A quick reference at the tip of your fingers!
    • Use this as a quick reference to gain deeper insight into any issues with any of the senses.
  • The 5 Senses Healing Meditation - Do it as much as you like!
    • Take the healing deeper with this cleansing 5 Senses meditation. 
  • An Intuitive Healing Session 
    • Enjoy a cleansing journey through each of the 5 senses as we clear, purge and re-sensitize each of our senses. 


Allow your sense filters to become clear, sharp and crisp again by systematically investigating each one by one. Are you sensitive? We hope so. Your sensitivity is a super power in its own right, to ensure you are sensitive to the right things clear your filters and perceptions.


Explore and Restore Your 5 Senses