Using wonder, free association exercises, vibrational healing tools, breathing, meditation, and more, you will have the opportunity to clear blockages and restore your vital energy. 

The Chakras are powerful players in the health of the body and the quality of our life. They are masters at moving energy and act as solar panels to the body. Each of our Chakras is unique and they all have important roles to carry out. Just like any other part of the body, each Chakra is susceptible to malfunction.

As your life energy starts to flow more freely, blocks such as health, money, relationships, or other issues will begin to clear and lift. 


The goal of these healing sessions are to build self awareness, support change, enhance intuition, and expand truths. This is an opportunity for people to tune in and discover new insights into their health and their life with guided support.



We have all heard of the chakras, but since we don’t feel direct impact from them they tend to get less attention than they deserve. Chakras are like solar panels for the body. They turn life energy into something usable to the body. While you don’t have pain in your chakras, symptoms can still show up...all you have to do is look at your life! If you have healthy flow and conversion through your 12 Chakras then you have healthy flow in the parts of life governed by each Chakra. 



For each of the 12 Chakras you will receive:

  • Guided healing session which consist of an open association exercise that taps into the unconscious, meditation, wonder, vibrational healing tools, breathing and more.

  • A self healing cheat sheet for the designated Chakra.

  • Access to a downloadable Chakra meditation.

  • Entry into our private Facebook group.


This is a total of 12 - one hour healing sessions, 12 Chakra meditation, and 12 Self Healing guides. You will have permanant access to all of this material and can repeat the healing sessions or meditations as needed. This is great value and provides you with the opportunity for a great deal of healing.

Energy flows through the chakras. When the energy gets congested we experience less flow and a myriad of symptoms. We have listed some symptoms below to give you a general idea of the theme of each chakra. We have lots of energy available to us, but have resistance blocking us from fully utilizing that energy. Let's get in the flow. 


1st Chakra- money problems, feeling unsupported and insecure.

2nd Chakra- frustration and blocked creativity.

3rd Chakra- power struggles and identity conflicts.

4th Chakra- relationship problems and diminished self-worth.

5th Chakra- contracted communication and misunderstandings.

6th Chakra- limited clarity, confusion and overwhelm.

7th Chakra- a lack of inspiration, disconnected and feel heavy about life.

8th Chakra- trapped in cosmic and ancestral patterns and issues with forgiveness.

9th Chakra- not recognizing or living out one’s soul purpose and dissatisfaction.

10th Chakra- ungrounded, sense of entitlement and disconnection to nature.

11th Chakra- disbelief in capabilities and issues with energetic boundary management.

12th Chakra- limited access to unity consciousness and unable to be present.


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The 12 Chakras - Intuitive Healing Sessions

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