• Amanda Miller and Karla Kadlec

The Low Down in the Slow Down

When has the world had an opportunity to slow down like it did for lock-down? In the slow down were their parts of your life you had a chance to embrace? Did you receive new awarenesses about the direction you want your life to go? This is a chance to re-evaluate our lives and step into this new reality moving in the direction you really want to go! Let’s build a world worth living in. :) Here are some questions to wonder about to get you started. 

What have you learned about your life and yourself during lock down? 

What would you like to change about your life? What emotional/mental blocks are in your way to making these changes? Is there a way around them? 

What would like to change about the world? Can you be the change you would like to see in the world? Can you apply your desires to your own life?

Where and what are you feeling fear about? Fear often points to areas of uncertainty and insecurity? What can you do about this? How can you create more certainty and security for yourself? Or, do you need to build up your ability to be more adaptable to the uncertainties of life?

One of the most helpful ways to make change in one’s life is to tap into your creativity. Creativity is a force that seeks expression in all of us. Creativity is finding new ways to solve problems by transcending traditional rules, patterns, ideas, or relationships. Your resourcefulness, ingenuity, inspiration, and talent are expressions of your creativity. Are you ready to embrace more of your creative potential?

Here are a few questions to ponder around creativity:

What do you feel is stopping you from getting in touch with your creativity? Are you believing there are no solutions to (or ways out of) your current situation? There could be some truth to this but for a moment, could you acknowledge that there may be some possibilities you have no explored?

What does your heart ache to create?

When was the most creative time in your life? What could you add to your current life to embody some of the elements of that creative time?

What are you believing about yourself when it comes to your creativity? Do you believe you are not creative enough?

Frustration and Creativity

Frustration is a natural feeling on the path of creativity. It is frustrating to feel blocked. Maybe you want to quit. Maybe you feel that you don’t have what it takes to find the answer. This is natural. Frustration occurs when reality does not match the vision. The vision is clear but the results do not look like we want them to. It is when we let go of attachment to outcomes that we can have a “pop-in” of a solution. A block can signal that a breakthrough is imminent.

Can you recognize frustration as a natural part of the creative process?

What are the best ways for you to move past frustration?

What is the best thing about feeling frustrated? Does it get you moving or motivate you?  

Can you identify where in your life frustration has served you well?  

Is the root of your frustration due to the difference between your dreams and your reality? What can you do to bring these two things closer? Do you need to adjust your dreams/vision? Are your goals achievable within a reasonable time frame? Or is this more about not being grateful for what you have now?

Money Stress and Creativity 

It can be stressful to be creative when you wonder how you will pay your bills. It can be hard to find enough time to be creative when you're working full-time to live. Find a money balance that works for you. If you have a creative project you would like to devote yourself to, find out how much money you need to commit to it. Or carve out time every week to work on your project while you keep your day job. Take steps, make decisions… how will you get it done with the resources you have?

Do you use your money issues as an excuse to pull you away from your creative work? 

Does it feel as though your creative efforts are not worth investing in? Why? What do you fear here? 

Are you scared of making it big? Why? Will it water down your work? Do you believe that scarcity makes your work valuable?

What would happen if you were paid well for your creative work? Can you take a moment to expand this feeling through all your cells? Do you believe it is possible? Are you open to the possibility?  

You are a creative being with something unique to bring to the world. Your gifts and talents are needed right now. 

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