• Karla Kadlec and Amanda Miller

Do You Know Your Superpower?

First things first. Are you ready to embrace your gifts? Each of us possess talent and skill in various forms. Supernatural gifts, expressed through the 11th chakra, are something quite different. This is a skill to be able to work with energy, to transmute form, to communicate with the elements and impact forward change.

The 11th chakra can be accessed through your hands and feet, but it is operational throughout the BodyMind. It is also how you carry your energy, live up to your energy and share your energy. For a moment focus your energy in the palms of your hands. Blow lightly on the palm of each hand waking up the energy center there. Place your palms close together, almost touching but not quite. Feel the energetic pull in the space between the palms. Relax and breathe as you allow your palms to expand the energy ball you are creating. Send energy from your heart out through your hands. You have created an energy field.

You are interacting with hundreds of fields everyday. Your impact with these fields is a kind of transmutation.

With your awareness you can become more sensitive to the flow of energy. Notice the flow of give and take through the centers in the hands. Healers use the 11th chakra when they are helping to unblock energy, or improve the flow. They transmute blocks by changing one frequency for another.

Even if you do not consider yourself a healer, you can become more skilled at transmutation.

Think of the last time you were involved with a group of people in conflict. If you were someone that could hold space for others to express themselves so people could clear the air, release the past and look ahead to the future - this too is a kind of transmutation.

Transmutation is about bringing change forward. Finding what is stuck that wants to shift and guiding it on its way in a good way. The ultimate transmutation that we can all work on is transmuting fear into love. This is not just lip service. It is hard work. It is hard work to investigate within our own systems where the pathway of love could be improved and then make the changes so love can do that. How you operate, the energy you bring, the energy you leave when you go. This is a kind of mastery as well.

Want to practice transmuting your fears? Re-activate the energy ball in your hands, send a loving frequency into the space between your hands. Now...allow yourself to think of something you fear, imagine that you can soften your fear by projecting it into the love field you have created in your hands. Spend a moment transforming your focus on your fear by sending loving awareness.

How can you invite your supernatural gifts forward? It starts by honoring your uniqueness and the energy that only you can bring. Take care of your body by clearing yourself of stuck emotion, faulty beliefs and old stories. Care for your physical body so the demands of working with energy are sustainable for you. Be a role model for how to respect your own energy. This shares the ultimate teaching without saying a word.

The 11th chakra works well when all the other chakras are in alignment too. We must have clear vision (6th chakra) and balanced power (3rd chakra) to move our desires (2nd chakra) out into the world (5th chakra).

If you wish to get to know your personal supernatural gifts, ask for them. In a moment of reverence and honor to the greater good ask to be introduced to your supernatural gifts. Be ready to see them operating in your daily life. Then honor your gifts by sharing them. Receive something in return for the energy you share.

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