• Amanda Miller and Karla Kadlec

Expanding Consciousness: Chakras 8 - 12

Most healers are familiar with the 7 Chakra healing system but did you know that some recognize a 12 Chakra system?

The 12 Chakra System includes the 7 main chakras as well as 5 extra chakras that are located outside of the body. This 12 Chakra system allows us to use a wider range of energies for healing. It gives us access to a whole new array of dimensions within our human experience.

Below your will find a quick summary as well as more detailed information about these 5 expansive Chakras. We cover how they will influence you and what sort of symptoms you may experience if there are blocks in flow through these energy centres.

Quick Summary:

8th Chakra - Releasing energy imprints and karmic patterns.

9th Chakra - Discovering your soul purpose.

10th Chakra - Syncing with the vibration of nature.

11th Chakra - Accessing superpowers and capabilities.

12th Chakra - Experience boundless unity.

8th Chakra: 6-8 inches above the Crown Chakra

It is here in this Chakra that we are said to be able to access parallel universes, past/future lives, and Akashic records. This powerful energy centre allows us to become aware of and release any energetic imprints and patterns of karma that are binding us in our present life.

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: unusual or unexplained fears, feel world tragedy and collective pain very deeply, feel disassociated from earth, unsettled, trapped in cosmic and ancestral patterns, using patterns or parts of your past to guide your decisions, a build up of karmic residue, a yearning without clarity, and an unwilling to forgive - believe that people get what they deserve.

9th Chakra: 12-18 inches above the head

This Chakra is known as the “seat of the soul” and it allows connection to your soul’s code or purpose in life - how our spirit most wants to express itself in the world at its highest potential. It is here that we can access patterns that shape our reality or destiny.

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: knowing your soul's purpose but not able to live it out, closed off from spiritual truth, commonly feels dissatisfaction, experiences disappointment, restriction in energy to care for others, disconnect with archetypal energies that have a strong influence on our destiny, and trouble reading between the lines.

10th Chakra: 1-4 feet beneath our feet

This Chakra is one of the strongest grounding centres in the body - not just grounded into your physical body but into this plane of existence. It allows us to access intuitive information about nature and the vibrations of the Earth’s energy. It can play a role in DNA or any hereditary condition.

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: disconnected from nature, a sense of entitlement towards Mother Earth and her resources, uncomfortable and fearful around animals, limited access to the support of nature, often feels disoriented with no sense of direction, unconcerned about leaving a legacy behind, and trouble feeling as though you belong.

11th Chakra: palms of the hands and the feet

The palms of the hands are well known as conduits for energy healing and therefore play a key role in moving energy. It is through this Chakra that we have a direct connection to the supernatural. This energy holds potential to recognize the mind’s ability to shape matter and to tap into your superpowers.

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: disbelief in capabilities, entanglement with other people's energies, trouble setting energetic boundaries, feeling violated by others emotions and energy, carrying more than your fair share, drawing in negative or energies that drain you, deep fear about having control, trouble handling any type of power, and fear of the unknown.

12th Chakra: surrounds the entire body

This Chakra offer us the experience of boundlessness within the simplest of tasks. It is here where joy and bliss can radiate from within no matter what the external environment presents. Here we have the chance to master choice and be a conduit of light.

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: unable to be present, unable to enjoy daily mundane tasks, incapable of supporting physical manifestation (beliefs blocking the ability to manifest), working hard to clear blocks but not gaining progress, your dreams and inspirations never become reality, attracting people and situations that distract you from your purpose.

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References: Cyndi Dale - Advanced Chakra Wisdom