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Find Out What You Are Doing That Weakens Your Chakras: Part 2

This is a continuation of an article covering Chakras 1 - 7 (click here to read that article). In this article we look at Chakras 8 - 12!

The Chakras are powerful players in the health of the body and the quality of our life. They are masters at moving energy and are like solar panels to the body. Each of our Chakras is unique and they all have important roles to carry out. Just like any other part of the body, each Chakra is susceptible to malfunction.

8th Chakra: BLAME


10th Chakra: DISREGARD



What can you do to strengthen your Chakras?

Take a moment and consider all the unconscious programs that are generating these feelings that are weakening your Chakras. No matter how clear your conscious intentions are, the unconscious always wins.

The level of weakness happening in the Chakra is an expression of what is going on in your unconscious mind and a reflection of how you are really feeling deep down. We have included some questions below for you to ponder, consider, and reflect on your thinking. Use these questions to help you get deeper.

8th Chakra: BLAME

Blame is an excellent defense mechanism. Blame helps you preserve your sense of self-esteem by avoiding awareness of your own flaws or failings. The blame that is particularly damaging to the 8th Chakra is blame directed at family/ancestors and “the hand you were dealt”.

Take a moments and reflect on your family and your lineage. How do you feel about them/it? Is there any emotion there? What sorts of struggles have you had that you attribute to your upbringing or parental influence? What about your behaviour and reactions? Imagine for a moment that everything you blame your parents, family and/or lineage for wasn’t actually their fault? This does not mean that it is automatically your fault. But imagine it wasn’t theirs either. How would you feel about yourself? How would you feel about them? Can you consider the possibility that relinquishing your family/lineage of any blame could lessen the permanency of any situation, struggle, or characteristic?


Hopelessness is the perfect emotion to inhibit growth and change. Hopelessness goes hand in hand with a ‘seeming’ acceptance of what is. If there is no hope then a surrendering occurs and fate is accepted. This is the sure fire way to limit any alternative possibility for yourself.

Can you get in touch with your hopelessness? Where in your life have you given up hope and learned to accept the situation as it is? Does it feel as though it is dangerous to approach life and situations with hope because you risk being let down? Is it more comfortable to accept each situation as it is rather than what it could be? Does it feel as though hopelessness helps you to face the reality of life? What do you fear would happen if you were unable to feel hopelessness?

10th Chakra: DISREGARD

Disregard rears it’s ugly head because it feels easier to ignore that which is uncomfortable that it does to face it. Disregard allows us to stay focused on wants and desires. It keeps us in immediate gratification.

This is not an easy thing to acknowledge in oneself. It takes a special soul to be able to address this destructive behaviour. The type of disregard that weakens the 10th Chakra is disregard for your Earthly self, mother nature, and the environment.

Do you have any physical needs that you are brushing to the side (rest, relaxation, calm mealtimes, exercise, nutritious food, adequate sleep etc.)? Why? What is the motivation behind the continuation of this behaviour?

Reflect on your behaviour towards the Earth and the environment? Is there anywhere you can identify any disregard? Are you doing your part to reduce your impact on the planet? If not, then why? Why does it feel unimportant to address the longevity of the Earth?


Powerlessness comes from watered down boundaries and the aversion towards control and responsibility. There is a disbelief in capabilities that usually results in doing more than your fair share.

Think back through your life. At what point did you lose faith in your abilities? Did something occur that lead to a fear about having control? Can you think back through all the times in your life where you have given away your power? Where in your life right now are you giving away your power? What negative associations do you have to power? Do you associate power with abuse? Are you making the assumption that if you reclaim some of the power you have given away that you won’t have control of it? Why do you distrust your power?


Separateness stems from the need to be important and unique. There is emphasis on specialness and a drive to prove it.

Imagine for a moment that you are just as ordinary as ever. What comes up for you? Why is ordinary and mundane uncomfortable to you? Have you attached uniqueness with meaning? In other words, Is your drive to be important and unique because you think it will give you meaning? Where in your life are you trying to prove yourself? What would happen if you were to fail?

Can you expand your consciousness to fill your entire physical body? Can you expand it further to fill your entire energy field? What kind of energy would you like this field to carry? Expand the feeling of love, or acceptance, or ease (or anything you want!) throughout your entire system. Get a sense of the large “energy egg” that surrounds you. Consider your connection to the feeling of unity overall. Are there any limiting beliefs that interfere with this connection?

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