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How Healthy Are Your Chakras?

Just like any other body part, the Chakras have warning signs letting you know they need a little attention. If you pay attention to the signs and signals then you can address them long before the bodymind crosses the stress threshold and FORCES you to deal. Once the threshold is crossed you will begin to experience physical symptoms in the body. If you are already experiencing physical symptoms then it will be important to give your chakra system some much needed attention.

1st Chakra:

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: experiencing feelings of insecurity (in relationships, with work projects, with how you sound when you communicate, with how you respond and behave, etc.), lacking support from your close family and friends, loneliness, obsessive thinking, focus on material aspects of life, money troubles (believe that money will bring security), feeling lack in many aspects of life, have a strong desire to fulfill wants and desires, and feeling a lack of confidence for things outside your comfort zone.

Physical Symptoms: lower back pain, constipation/diarrhea, rectal/colon issues, kidney problems, frequent urination, pain in feet, ankles, hips, and legs.

2nd Chakra:

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: experiencing frustration, plagued with guilt, unable to forgive self and others, blocks in creativity, inability to experience pleasure and joy, finding yourself to be rather unproductive, have a fragile sense of self worth that is dependent on pleasing others, possessive, jealousy, cannot handle emotions, suppressing needs, and easily offended.

Physical Symptoms: autoimmune issues, infertility problems, PMS, impotence, urinary tract infections, and bowel problems.

3rd Chakra:

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: feeling rejected, experience yourself as powerless, fixated on achieving goals, find many ways of shaming yourself, afraid to appear as a failure, have a desire or urge to show others how good you are, holding onto anger and resentment, power struggles, and experiencing an identity conflict.

Physical Symptoms: stomach ulcers, indigestion, liver problems, blood sugar issues, gallstones, bloating, gluten intolerance, and heartburn.

4th Chakra

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: expression of love is conditional and based on how other fit into your expectations, holding onto grudges and have a hard time letting things rest because they didn't go your way, unable to accept self or others, clingy and needy relationships, guarded and closed, feeling as though you don't know yourself, and diminished self-worth.

Physical Symptoms: high or low blood pressure, heart problems, chest pains, asthma, bronchitis, immune issues, circulation, tension problems, pain between shoulder blades shoulders, pain in shoulders, arms and hands.

5th Chakra:

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: limited expression and feel unable to speak up, feel continually judged by others, fear of facing the truth, often stop yourself from asking for what you want, feel as though your opinion is not valid, afraid of silence, have an urge to always try to impress others, and critical about your own creativity.

Physical Symptoms: metabolic imbalances, thyroid issues, voice problems, mouth ulcers, persistent sore throat or throat infections, TMJ, sinus problems, as well as teeth and gum issues.

6th Chakra

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: often experience negative images and thoughts about loved ones or self, confused, overwhelmed, unable to think about others points of view - close minded, you feel a lack of purpose and meaning in life, you over analyze every scenario, you imagine winning arguments with people you are in conflict with, trouble connecting with your intuition and knowing what is right for you, and can be anxious about how things will go.

Physical Symptoms: poor visions, trouble sleeping, headaches, migraines, ear and sinus infections, hormonal imbalances, and neurological disorders.

7th Chakra

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: feeling unsatisfied with life, you only believe what you can experience through your 5 senses, extremely skeptical, cynical, you feel a sense of abandonment, you think everyone is only out for themselves, you have a strong attachment to relationships and possessions, feel heavy about life, are lacking inspiration and feel disconnected from the people around you.

Physical Symptoms: mental illness, sleep imbalances, confusion, memory issues, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, ADD, and dizziness.

8th Chakra

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: unusual or unexplained fears, deeply feel world tragedy and collective pain, feel disassociated from earth, unsettled, trapped in cosmic and ancestral patterns, using patterns or parts of your past to guide your decisions, a build up of karmic residue, a yearning without clarity, and an unwilling to forgive - believe that people get what they deserve.

Physical Symptoms: unusual and difficult ailments, thymus problems, nervous system issues, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, and depression.

9th Chakra

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: knowing your soul's purpose but not able to live it out, closed off from spiritual truth, commonly feels dissatisfaction, experiences disappointment, restriction in energy to care for others, disconnect with archetypal energies that have a strong influence on our destiny, and trouble reading between the lines.

Physical Symptoms: diaphragm strain, pineal gland problems (sleep, well-being, regulation of cycles), brain issues (corpus callosum, cortex, and neocortex).

10th Chakra

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: disconnected from nature, a sense of entitlement towards Mother Earth and her resources, uncomfortable and fearful around animals, limited access to the support of nature, often feels disoriented with no sense of direction, unconcerned about leaving a legacy behind, and trouble feeling as though you belong.

Physical Symptoms: pain in the feet and legs, problems with the bones, bone-marrow issues, and heredity or genetic illnesses.

11th Chakra

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: disbelief in capabilities, entanglement with other people's energies, trouble setting energetic boundaries, feeling violated by others emotions and energy, carrying more than your fair share, drawing in negative or energies that drain you, deep fear about having control, trouble handling any type of power, and fear of the unknown.

Physical Symptoms: skin issues, exhaustion, liver and gallbladder issues, muscle and connective tissue problems, and pain in the hands and feet.

12th Chakra

Signs and Signals of Imbalance: unable to be present, unable to enjoy daily mundane tasks, incapable of supporting physical manifestation (beliefs blocking the ability to manifest), working hard to clear blocks but not gaining progress, your dreams and inspirations never become reality, attracting people and situations that distract you from

Physical Symptoms: knee and elbow pain or problems, trouble with the palms, issues with the organs.

If you have discovered that some (or all) of your Chakras need some attention then we invite you to join us our healing exploration of the 12 Chakras. Click here.

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