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Set the Stage for Healing: 3 Recommendations to Spark A-Ha's!

One of my all time favorite things is to watch a client get an a-ha during a healing session. Since my career as a clinical practitioner was based around alternative healing, I had a tendency to draw in those people who had “tried everything”. It was actually refreshing because these people were finally starting to tune into their body. Partly because they were simply tired of the pain and dis-ease AND partly because the professionals they had previously turned to, had no solutions. Essentially, they had begun to take the matter into their own hands.

When pain or illness are part of a life lesson, there is not much anyone can ‘do’. Now I say that haphazardly to make a point because the truth is all that needs to happen is a shift in focus. A focus from the pain as the problem to the lesson as the ‘problem’. In order for this to occur, the client has to be in a state where they are willing to take responsibility for themselves. Hence my earlier reference to those people who had “tried everything”. They were in essence, starting to become responsible for themselves or a least starting to take their health into their own hands.

Caroline Myss said it perfectly, “When an illness is a part of your spiritual journey, no medical intervention can heal you until your spirit has begun to make the changes that the illness was designed to inspire."

So when I began to really understand this as a practitioner, my focus moved to the uber satisfying art of facilitating an a-ha.

For the purposes of this article, let’s define an a-ha as an experience of sudden insight and awareness. It is the moment when all the dots connect. An a-ha moment yields brilliant, unexpected, yet totally sensible solutions to complex problems.

The spontaneous flash of insight that occurs during an a-ha moment is not magic :) and can be encouraged by certain conditions.


The state of wonder is an ability to look at the big picture, to be able to sift through and focus on only the most critical information without the usual self-judgment or assumptions. Wondering is the art of letting go all that you know to be true, especially that which you are certain about and have experienced. It is giving yourself the space and time to be curious and see blocks or problems from a different angle. It is using creativity and intuition together.

Both you, the Practitioner, and the client need to be in a state of curious wonder. The easiest and best way to get your clients there is by getting there yourself. When you start to wonder about things, people around you start to wonder also.


Self-awareness is unarguably one of the biggest factors to ‘getting’ a life lesson. This tends to come in stages starting with the awareness that there is even a problem or life lesson to be learned. Once that is out of the way the key is becoming aware of the right aspect of the problem. You see, the trouble with life lessons is that usually we are deeply identified with a certain way of being. There is familiarity and a weird sense of comfort going on. There is a part of us that does NOT want to let go of it. This is often why our physical pain (or emotional pain) has to get so intense sometimes, so much so we simply CANNOT ignore the issue anymore. To move through a life lesson it requires us to become aware of the attachments we have to pain, rejection, security, importance, value and the list goes on. It means embracing the realization that the need to please everyone doesn’t actually result in people valuing you more. These are the sorts of ‘awarenesses’ we are going for - the ones we are not even aware of, the ones we have hidden deep within us.

Understanding the connection between the body and mind.

A situation, behavioural habit, environment, or belief system can be the cause of body aches and pains. Understand this concept can have profound shifts in your focus with working with clients. It helps to also know some common associations between the body and mind. For example, when someone is dealing with situations, beliefs, or habits that relate to stability, security or support then it can often be reflected in lower back or hip pain. Likewise, when someone is dealing with problems in their feet it is often related to the ability to move forward in life or take practical steps forward.

The combination of these 3 conditions in a clinical setting set the stage for deep and spontaneous insights that allow for sensible solutions to complex healing problems for your clients.

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