• Amanda Miller and Karla Kadlec

iWonder How This BodyMind App Works?

iWonder invites you to meet someone wonderful: you!

Our app is an opportunity to learn about yourself in a new and wonderful way. We have created a library of questions that help you become more aware of the signals your body is giving you through your symptoms.

Many times the body will mirror what is going on in your life. For example, someone who is going through major foundational changes (loss of a job, moving, ending a relationship) may experience problems with the hips, pelvis, and lower back because these areas are the “foundations” of the body.

The body is communicating with you at all times. The more you ignore it, the louder it gets. The body sends whispers and when they get ignored… BAMMO, something happens with the body that we CANNOT ignore. We call this the “frying pan to the face” phenomenon.

Sometimes, when we really listen, understanding occurs. Once we understand something, we can deal with it in a more productive, effective way.

Our goal is to increase your awareness about your health problems, symptoms, and situations in your life. We focus on the "other" contributors to your health problems such as emotions, beliefs, habits, conditioning, the environment, your perceptions, the situations you find yourself in, and your behavior toward yourself and others.


- This is not about what you already know regarding your body and your health problems. We want to bring your attention to something you have not considered before, or perhaps turned away from. We want to get to what you don’t know about yourself or your situation. Your first, instinctive answer to most of these questions is likely going to be a conscious one. That means it is a reflection of what you already think and know about yourself. Resist the urge to fall back on the trusty old “I don’t know” response. Trust yourself to go deeper.

- Some of the questions will make complete sense to you because you will easily be able to see how they might be connected to that part of the body, whereas others are not so obvious. Many of these questions are derived from the basic function of the part while others are derived from the energetic influences (meridians, chakras, etc.) on those parts. Just roll with it. Don’t worry about why we are suggesting the question as that is a distraction from answering it.

- In many of the questions we use the term “life”. What we mean by the word “life” is ALL the elements of life including: relationships, career, family (parents, siblings, in-laws, kids), work, finances (money, investments, spending, inheritance, insurance, investments), fun, friends, home, health, sports, volunteering, and so on. Ideally, it is best to ask the questions that relate to all of these parts of life.


Every part of the body has a variety of influences that are affecting it. To assist you in the process of becoming more aware, we have created questions based on those influences that give clues to help understand the symptom or problem better. These questions consider the emotional, situational, conditional, functional (physical and energetic), and environmental factors that might be influencing that part of the body.

1. Identify your symptom and select the part of the body that your symptom is affecting.


Foggy head: the head.

Heartburn: the esophagus.

2. Consider the questions listed for that body part and answer any of them that feel right.

3. Answer the questions honestly. Dig deeper than what you already know.

Want to get a closer look at some of the questions? Here is a Sneak-Peek.


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