• Amanda Miller and Karla Kadlec

Wondering about : The Navel

When I was a young kid I made up a joke.

A little girl looked up at the sky and asked God why she had a belly button. God then stretched his hand down from a cloud above. He was holding a big screwdriver.

"Are you sure you want to know?" asked God.

"Oh yes, Please!" said the little girl.

The screwdriver met with the belly button, after a few turns the little girls butt fell off.

Perhaps even at a young age I was contemplating my beginnings. The navel is where life began for each of us. A central channel that sends us support and nutrition as we develop. How much information did we gain from this connection? How much info is there still?

Your belly button is your first scar. A scar anywhere on the body can hold a story, but the belly button holds the story of your creation, your materialization on this planet, and the love that held you together while you were preparing your body for this human journey.

Try this: Put one hand over your heart and one hand over your belly button. Allow your heart energy and navel energy to connect. Now see if you can direct this loving energy down into the pelvis and down your legs and into the earth. Allow yourself to really root in. Now that you are well grounded, return your focus to your navel. Can you send your mother loving energy? What about your father? Now send the energy even further back to their parents, and their parents and their parents. Consider your connections and your roots. Can you feel the support of your ancestors? Can you feel your connection to the universe?

The feeling of connection can be cultivated. You can open space within yourself to allow more and more connection. If connection feels challenging you can ask yourself, what perceived benefits do I experience in disconnection? Some people feel they need to disconnect from others, just to be able to hear themselves think! Imagine that regardless of others thoughts, beliefs or energy you can maintain your connection without compromising what's right for you.

Do you feel you're worthy of your connection to all that is? This worthiness requires nothing from you except to be who you are. Connecting to and expressing your true nature is how to live out the worthiness that is inherent in all of us. Just be you. Here. Now. This is actually the signal that attracts others to connect to you. If you are sending out the signal of who you really are, you are bound to find the connections you've always been looking for. (Psst they are looking for you too!)


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