• Amanda Miller and Karla Kadlec

Wondering about : The Lower Back

Anyone that has experienced back pain has probably asked themselves "What did I do to deserve this!?" I know I asked myself that question when I injured my back years ago. I felt disempowered, powerless and in pain. From that state I worried about how would I work? How could I contribute to my family? Is there enough support for me? How will I support myself moving forward? Can someone help carry me to the bathroom? Scary stuff. Scary survival stuff.

The truth is the experience of "coming back" from back pain, brought me closer to my authentic self. My injury, ironically, was "in support" of my true nature. My body was literally forcing me to stop and reconsider some of my choices. Looking back now I can see that it was showing me where I was compromising my integrity, by bending too much for others. The gift of back pain is that when I felt so limited by what I could do, I made really clear choices about what was important to me. Responsibilities and relationships that were not serving me had to go. My back was telling me "Hey! You can't afford these relationships and responsibilities. They are costing you too much of your precious energy." Before that injury I considered myself fairly invincible. The truth is I am invincible if I am living my own truth and my own authority. Anything less is is too expensive.

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