• Amanda Miller and Karla Kadlec

iWonder About My BodyMind - Sneak Peek!


The teeth bite, chew, and break down what is taken in. They allow for digestion, assimilation, and acceptance of life.

  • What is eating away at you? Is there a way you could draw a boundary there?

  • Is there something you are chewing on (mentally)? Is there a way you could shift that to swallowing (accepting) it? What are you gaining by continuing to chew on it?

  • Is there someone or something overtaking you right now? How did you allow this situation to get to this point?

  • Do you feel weak against life? Where is your strength? How can you focus on your strengths more?

  • What part of your life is breaking down or rotting? Do you need to give attention to this part of your life? How can you do that?

  • Where in your life do you feel unprotected or vulnerable? What do you need to protect yourself against? Why?

  • Are you disrespecting your sensitivities? Why do you feel you need to toughen up? Is there really anything wrong with being sensitive?


The skin separates the body from the environment. It is related to protection, integrity, and sensitivity.

  • Look in your environment. What in your environment is getting under your skin? A person? A place? A thing? Does it feel threatening to be around other people?

  • Do the opinions of others affect the way you feel about yourself? Why is it necessary to take things personally?

  • Check in with your boundaries. Are you operating with integrity to what you feel is correct? Is it correct or it is just a way to stand on a soap box?

  • In what part of your life are you out of integrity? Why is it difficult to stand up for your beliefs?

  • What or who are you having trouble accepting in your life? Why do you need to reject them or it? What would happen if you were to accept them or it?

  • Do you judge a book by its cover? Could it be possible that you are unwilling to look beyond the surface?


The abdomen is the location of the majority of the digestive organs. It is related to the ability to process life effectively.

  • Do you follow your gut feelings or do you find yourself going against your instincts? Why? Does it feel difficult to trust yourself? How can you change that?

  • Are you feeling depressed about something? Could it be that you need to feel depressed to get out of living your life? Why are you afraid to live your life?

  • Are you avoiding dealing with your feelings? Why? Are you the type that would rather things bubble out of control than deal with them? What is difficult around handling things?

  • Is there something in your life you are hiding and need to let out? What is stopping you from letting it out? Judgement? Shame? Guilt? How much better would you feel if you went for it?

  • Are you overextending yourself in some aspect of your life? Does it feel like you are a good person if you are always overextending yourself?

  • Are there things in your life that are not sitting well with you and are causing you to feel uncomfortable (bloated)? Do you feel like you don’t mix well with others? Why is it so hard to get along with people?

Upper Back

The upper back relates to carrying things, burdens, responsibilities, and persistence.

  • Are you feeling shameful and small about something in your life that is causing you to withdraw? Why is it difficult to feel proud and present in your life?

  • Have you lost all pride in yourself? How can you cultivate more self-confidence?

  • Is your life heavy? Is there a way you can let go of some of that heaviness or is it more comfortable for you to feel heavy than light?

  • Is there someone you want to get back at? Is that going to make you feel any better? Is there a more effective way to let go?

  • Do you have fear about standing up for yourself? How would things look different if you no longer felt that standing up for yourself was a challenge?

  • Do you feel the weight of the world on your back? Is it more comfortable for you to take on everyone’s responsibilities as your own? Why is it hard to let others be responsible? Is responsibility tied to loss for you?

  • Are you looking for someone to pat you on the back (give you attention)? What if completing activities gave you enough satisfaction, regardless of what others’ opinions are? Or is attention somehow related to love for you?

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