• Amanda Miller and Karla Kadlec

Are Physical Symptoms An Expression of Discomfort in the Mind or is it Just a Coincidence?

From our many years of experience teaching an alternative health care system, we have noticed that often clients have their own answers and it is the role of the practitioner to hold space for the client's own wisdom to emerge. How to do that effectively is the question. Many people go to a professional to get help. They want an opinion and they want to be fixed. Fair enough. But health problems are tricky. Sometimes they heal temporarily and then come back over and over again. Sometimes you can cover them up and don't have to worry about it...except that usually involves some sort of medication that has consequences of it own. Sometimes nothing happens at all and the symptoms just keep on pestering us. What we are curious about is why? We don't believe that symptoms or health issues show up 'just because'. We don't buy it. Maybe they do? We have no real way of knowing that but we have seen far too many "coincidences" for it not to be at least considered at some point along the healing journey. Let's start with the relationship between the body and the mind. The obvious example is when we feel nervous or fearful. Our physiology changes when experiencing the fight/flight response. The heart beats faster, the body sweats more, and maybe the stomach flips. This perfectly describes the connection between our emotions/thoughts and our physiology. We all have had this experience and it is easy to see/feel the connection between fear and our physical body. Have you considered that other emotions have an effect on the body too? Have you ever gone to bed angry to wake up with a sore back or a headache? There is value in exploring your mind and body connections. Essentially what we are inviting you to consider is that there is no coincidence between symptoms you are experiencing (body) and a thought you are thinking, a situation you are in, or an emotion you are feeling (mind). The problem is that we often ignore the "mind" part of this equation. Discomfort in the mind becomes discomfort in the body. The more you ignore physical whispers the louder they will get. Our symptoms can be wonderful signals to us that something is not right. Learning to consider the language of the symptoms or the meaning behind them can help you discover what is being ignored, neglected and suppressed. And while understanding the connection between the symptom and the meaning behind it may not be the solution to all health problems it does often explain the "coincidence" between the pain in your neck and the pain in your life. If you are interested in making sense of some of your symptoms or health issues, then check out our app, iWonder. We have created a library of questions that help you become more aware of the signals your body is giving you through your symptoms. The questions are designed to highlight the mind and body relationship. Just ask yourself the questions to see if you can uncover a new awareness in you. Is it a coincidence you are still reading this? We think not. Ha!

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