iWonder Meditations
Focused Self Reflection

Meditation is an 

This is about getting your body and mind into a reflective, healing, and open state. The idea is to tune in to specific parts of the body and 

designed to explore different areas and provide the opportunity to release an y emotions, thoughts, patterns that are ready to be processed.

Can be used for export support with the healing sessions or on their own for peace, relaxation and strengthen for different parts of the body.

The body and mind are reflections of each other so by tuning into different parts of the body and spending time intuitively explore them you can uncover blocks, emotions, untruths, faulty beliefs, feelings, and more. Once you become aware of some of these things you can then release and move into strengthening the flow of energy through these parts. You can make connections about health issues and energy patterns, behavioural tendencies, stress points.