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iWonder promotes and supports whole healthcare. This means approaching health challenges from all angles - physical, energetic, and psychological. 

We offer an easy way to incorporate the psychology of the body into bodywork and/or energy balancing. 

The body is communicating at all times. Understanding the body’s communication mechanism is an important skill that is usually underdeveloped. Most people are able to easily interpret basic signals such as thirst, hunger and fatigue. It is even fairly straightforward to understand that the body responds to thoughts, feelings and actions. When there is stress, anxiety or upset, the body reacts in a way that suggests something isn't right. Butterflies in one’s stomach when nervous or flushed cheeks when embarrassed, are just a few examples of this phenomenon. 


The mind and body are mirrors for each other and have an extraordinarily intimate two-way communication system. If there is pain, discomfort, and/or tension in the body then there is also some sort of pain, discomfort, and/or tension in the mind.


The body's physical health problems or symptoms (pain, illness, tension, etc.) can be an expression of what is going on in the unconscious mind and a reflection of how one is really feeling deep down. One of the bodies last resorts for getting one’s attention is to create pain and illness.

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Generate A-ha's!

“The state of wonder is an ability to look at the big picture, to be able to sift through and focus on only the most critical information without the usual self-judgment or assumptions. Wondering is the art of letting go all that you know to be true, especially that which you are certain about and have experienced. It is giving yourself the space and time to be curious and see blocks or problems from a different angle.”  iWonder

The first step in actually developing a different possibility for the state of your body and your physical health, is to learn the language of your symptoms and explore what is being repressed or ignored within your mind and emotions. Every part of the body has corresponding psychological, emotional and spiritual connections. Exploring the psychology of your physical symptoms will help you discover what your body is telling you about your stress.

You can learn more about yourself and support your clients in new a-ha’s with the art of wondering. Bright, switched-on people never stop asking questions. The best way to gain deeper insight into ANYTHING is to ask questions. The body is no exception.


iWonder is about learning how to question yourself based on the signals your body is giving you through your symptoms. It is a healing strategy designed to bring your attention to and uncover what is below the surface to allow you make headway with the healing process.

Belief and emotion are the root of most health challenges. Paying close attention to what is below the surface provides opportunity for faster and deeper healing. iWonder allows you to easily become aware of healing blind spots!