iWonder About the Creators

Karla Kadlec loves consciousness medicine: working with the mind/body connection to create a-ha’s. She has spent the last 20 years exploring different energy medicine modalities to provide support for others on their healing path. She spent 10 years teaching practitioners how to utilize their intuition to heal conflict in the BodyMind. Karla lives to turn the light on in others and provoking a-ha's is her favourite path of illumination.


Before teaching energy medicine, Karla was a broadcaster, author, and media personality in Taiwan. She inspires others with her no-nonsense attitude and fierce enthusiasm. She wants to assist others in finding the freedom and ease of flow.


She invites you to be curious about your own motives by utilizing the iWonder question library designed to guide you to the right questions to uncover your truth.  The library is a compilation of BodyMind consciousness questions gathered over the years in her healing and teaching practice. She hopes others will benefit from the shortcuts to the truth this book (and app) can provide.  


She wants you to know she believes in you, the wisdom of your heart and the truth of who you are. Just be you - wonderful, wise you.

Amanda has always been intrigued by the complexities of human behaviour and constantly moved by the synchronistic, conspicuous relationship between the body and the mind. She loves working with people to ponder the possible underlying psychological contributors of any and all physical aliments. For the past 18 years Amanda has taught people how to use their intuition to sift through the paradoxical beliefs and behaviours at the root of mental and emotional suffering. It is interesting to uncover how people see the world, how it has shaped their experience and how it leaves marks on their bodies. 


As a nationally known instructor, mentor, and speaker, she educates people on some of the myths around the concepts of health and wellness. Amanda's experience as a clinical practitioner, combined with her years of study, is what led to the creation of iWonder. She loves curious exploration and the power of an a-ha. Amanda enjoys supporting people to free themselves from physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual limitations.


Amanda has a BSc in Health Physiology, was a Senior Instructor for the International BodyTalk Association, ran a practice as a AdvCBP and RMT, and has spent most of her adult life exploring health and well-being through various courses. 


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