iWonder App
The easiest way to incorporate body psychology into your bodywork or energy healing practice.
Ideas and options to spark insight and take healing deeper.
Instantly gain clues about the psychological contributors to physical symptoms or energetic blocks.
Uncover healing blind spots.
Easily connect pain/tension in the body with pain/tension in the mind.
Tackle tough cases with new approaches.
Intriguing ways to promote your healing or coaching business.
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"This app is a great way to learn more about what is wrong with the body. I have used the app as reference for information if I have a client with a tough ailment or if I need a new approach. Awareness is key to healing and this app is a wonderful way to help."
- Tara Jo Kadlec 
"I use the app to explore the consciousness of different body processes. This helps me gain a better understanding of what's going on with my clients.
I also use the app for my own healing and self discovery - and I actually find the app even more helpful when it comes to "me stuff". When i'm with clients I can often pick information more readily out of the ether, but when I am working on my own health, there are more blind spots, and the app helps me explore all angles/questions."
- Ava Leonard

It provides serious intel into the bodymind!

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Uncover Healing Blind Spots

Our app considers what are often overlooked contributors to pain, problems, and symptoms. Enhance your treatment strategies or healing sessions by exploring the unconscious, metaphysical expressions of the body. We all have healing blind spots, it is human nature, use the app to quickly and clearly gain insight into the issue we cannot see ourselves.  Read More

Connect Pain In The Body With Pain In The Mind

Quickly and easily access a catalog of all the parts of the bodymind and their psychological or emotional meaning. This useful resource will provide you with deeper insight into the contributing factors underlying the symptoms.

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Tackle Tough Cases With New Approaches

Simply understanding the psychology of the body will go a long way in generating new and effective solutions for your treatment strategies. Take it deeper by utilizing the thousands of thought-provoking questions to help you support your clients in exploring the conscious and unconscious blocks, limitations, emotions, or experiences in the way of healing.

As a practitioner, you spend most of your day problem solving. The more clues you have the easier it is to find solutions. You rely on your knowledge base as an library of possibilities but in order to know which approach to take you have to consider the person in front of you. You look to them for ‘clues’ - their symptoms, their intake form, etc. The better you do at extracting the appropriate information from them the easier it is to scan your library of skills to determine which would offer a possible solution to their problem.


A master practitioner is one who is able to extract the right kind of information - one who is an expert at asking really great questions that leads to the unfolding of really helpful insights. Use the many questions in our app to help gain unique clues in unique healing situations.

"I use the iWonder app to expand my own knowledge of the consciousness within each system of our wellbeing. It helps me to support my clients exploration of their own mind and body connection. I also use it to deepen my own connection to my mind and body and further expand on my own self care."
- Marjolaine Rose
"This app brings depth, consciousness and curiosity to our understanding of the body and its many sensations and symptoms. As a practitioner, I am very excited to use this with my clients."
- Alexa Linton 
"As a parent it can often be difficult to navigate natural support for my children’s physical ailments. The iWonder app gives me great insight allowing me to respond with due care on a level that promotes deeper understanding and growth. 

Each time I look up one of their issues on the app it provides another opportunity to subtly connect with my boys by knowing what’s really going on."
- Jason James
"The iWonder app is truly a gift to you as any holistic healer - it gives such insight to the practitioner for what the client may have going on in their world causing their aches and pains. As an instructor of Insights to Your Imbalances - the app is truly a gift to promote to the students for more information. Thank you for creating this amazing app."  
- Robin Chant
"This is a simple straight forward app that helped me think about my body and my environment in a completely different way. Do yourself and your body a favour and use this app."
- Kai Venemore
"Helping clients learn to heal themselves is part of our calling as health care practitioners. For me, that’s sharing the wisdom in the iWonder app. I use my intuition to see which questions would help them remove blockages to healing and work the questions into the session. I love the idea of being able to heal myself, whenever that’s possible, so I go to iWonder first when I need to heal something. I save time, save money, and most important of all, remove blockages I have unknowingly stored in my body - so that my body can do what it does best: heal itself."
- Brenda Miller